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Date 2016-07-22 | Views  581 | News
Welcome to Consciously Dating
Date 07-22-2016 | Views  582

Thank you for choosing Consciously Dating.  Conscious being aware of who you are. Someone is hoping to connect with someone exactly like you, yes you, everything you like about yourself, even all the beliefs that you consider to be not exactly what you might like.  When you are writing your description of who you are be mindful of who you know that you are. Telling your story this is who I know me to be, then descript that all of it. Your point of view about who you are and who you think you are not, even what you would like to be.  When you are telling your truth people feel it, someone is desiring exactly who you are, please use a current picture.  As you do this you will be developing a connection with the people that you meet, when you reach the place of talking or meeting in person each of you will be who you say you are.

Consider these points: Would I like to be a contribution in another's life, and have them be a contribution in my life, could we be a vibrational match wouldn't that be fun.  Someone who if not the same place is at least in the same book, where we have wonderful sharing's, things in common, a foundation to build from.  Knowing your worth, or begin to discover "I am worthy of the kind of relationship I desire, then choose it.  Not settling just to have someone in your life that will never work out to your benefit.  Finding trust, learning trust, being trust, having respect, receiving respect, being respectful, food for thought. 

Relationships are so important to all of us sometimes we have to unlearn what we know about them to relearn what we desire, this can happen, and happen in ease, which is a choice.

I will be putting links on here for books that I have found to be very helpful in learning how to choose the kind of relationship that your heart desires.

A NEW LIFE, NEW LOVE, NEW ME,  is truly possible, it begins with choice, what do I choose, what is best for me.

More about this later.

May the love you desire be yours in ease, joy, and glory.